About Us

About Us

Latex fetish clothing manufacturing Germany

As the manufacturer of the latex brand “LatexDreamwear”, quality is our top priority.
All of our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards


When selecting the materials, we attach particular importance to only using latex that consists of pure 100% latex(Rings, zippers, rivets or other accessories are excluded from this)


You can feel the high quality and the excellent workmanship of the material!
For us, a pleasant feeling on the skin is an absolute MUST.

We all want the best quality, especially in the fetish sector.

Fun and well-being

Based on our experience, quality and style have a particular influence on the fun and well-being of our customers.

The use of modern colors and clear, figure-hugging shapes makes using our products an unforgettable experience for users and viewers.

Latex fetish clothing production made in Germany

Care and cleaning

The designs are designed and manufactured to achieve maximum ease of care.

This means we guarantee easy cleaning and maximum hygiene when using the LatexDreamwear care products we recommend.


We offer high quality and always keep an eye on the prices for you.

Just take a look around and convince yourself of us

When you browse through our catalog you will definitely discover other interesting products that appeal to you and inspire you for much more.

More questions about latex, clothing and manufacturing?

We would be happy to answer your questions.

Simply send us an email.

You can find our contact details under: CONTACT

Latex fetish clothing production made in Germany

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