Measure latex clothing correctly

Measure latex clothing correctly

Measure latex clothing correctly – never have latex in the wrong size again

You would actually think that measuring a piece of clothing for your body would be easy – unfortunately that is not the case, especially not with latex and/or fetish clothing.

Many people like the skin-tight feeling when latex clothing hugs their body like a second skin.
However, others feel comfortable in a loose and casual outfit.
They love it when latex sits comfortably.

So a tip…

We publish the exact dimensions of the product for each of our products, whether it’s a comfortable hoodie or a tight-fitting penis sleeve.

We also indicate the exact location where this measurement is applied.

Measuring your own body:

  • If you like it to be tight, you should subtract 5 to 10 percent from your body measurement
  • If you like it normal (fitting), take your actual body measurement
  • If you like it a little looser, add 5 to 10 percent (or more) to your body size

With these dimensions you can look in our item descriptions or in the catalog and find the right one for you.

Dressing aid

With latex, especially tight-fitting latex, you usually need a dressing aid.
Silicone oil or talcum powder is used for this
Take a look at our range – you will find what you are looking for here.

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